Welcome to our portfolio
Novus holds a portfolio of leading companies within the resource efficiency space and partners with management to make these companies successful.

A123 Systems, Inc (Exit 2010)

A123 Systems is a world leading supplier of high-power lithium ion batteries designed to deliver a new combination of power, safety and life for the transportation, electric grid services and portable power markets. Founded in 2001 and headquartered in Massachusetts, A123 Systems' patented NanophosphateTM technology includes nanoscale materials initially developed at and exclusively licensed from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. The company operates state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities in Asia which have the capacity to scale to millions of battery packs per year, and is currently expanding its manufacturing capacity in the US.

Bridgelux, Inc

Bridgelux is a vertically integrated manufacturer of high power and low cost light emitting diodes (“LEDs”) and LED Arrays for solid state lighting applications. The company was founded in 2002 and it is based in Sunnyvale, California. Bridgelux has developed a novel way to package an array of LEDs giving the Company a cost advantage over traditional approaches. Bridgelux has a number of key patents and licensing agreements related to chip, epitaxy, packaging, phosphor and system integration technologies – which are all key for designing and manufacturing efficient high power LED chips and arrays. LEDs have a number of inherent advantages over traditional lighting sources. LEDs consume approximately 15% of the power of incandescent bulbs and can last 50,000 hrs (approximately 19 years under ordinary usage conditions) and provide color control, durability and directional lighting advantages.

Voltaix, Inc

Voltaix, based in Branchburg, New Jersey, is a manufacturer of specialty chemicals, with exceptional expertise in silicon, germanium and boron chemistry. The company’s products are custom designed for use in the most demanding semiconductor deposition applications and in the photovoltaic industry. The company serves its global customer base from its manufacturing facilities in New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and Korea.

Si Pro Singapore LTD

Si Pro, a Singapore based company, recycles silicon and other specialty materials to global, leading PV companies. The Company has more than 10 years experience within silicon recycling, and has developed a cost and quality leading recycling process. Si Pro delivers sustainable silicon recycling, using no acids and with zero effluence pollution. The Company serves its customer base under long term contracts from its recycling facility in Singapore.

Viridity Energy, Inc

Viridity Energy provides large energy consumers with powerful tools to increase energy efficiency and create energy revenues. Viridity’s unique and flexible VPower™ platform enables customers to dynamically shift and balance energy load, integrate advanced energy technologies and convert existing energy investments into lucrative new revenue streams. Viridity helps organizations achieve sustainability goals and contribute to the greater good by stabilizing energy price fluctuations. Headquartered in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, Viridity was founded in 2008 by former executives of PJM Interconnection.

Space-Time Insight, Inc

Space-Time Insight ("STI") is a software company that provides geospatial analytics tools to the utility, transportation and oil and gas industries. STI has developed a situational intelligence platform for the integration, analysis and visualization of spatial (location), temporal (time), and nodal (device-level node) data sets. STI takes internal and external data from various sources, and provides visual and actionable information to operators to better manage their assets. STI is led by a management team comprised of former executives from Oracle and SAP – the current leaders in enterprise software.

QD Vision, Inc

QD Vision, Inc. (QDV) is a nanomaterials product company leveraging a base of patents that originated from MIT. QDV's quantum-dots deliver a new generation of display and lighting solutions that provide unmatched color, power efficiency and cost savings. The company’s advanced materials and components illuminate a broad range of applications, including flat screen panel displays, solid state lighting systems, and various security projects.